Triple Crown Real Estate Trust

Uniquely positioned for Middle America’s underserved sale-leaseback market.

Triple Crown Realty Trust, Inc, a Wichita, Kansas based Real Estate Investment Trust, seeks to acquire industrial real estate assets in Middle America backed by long term leases to proven operators and professionally managed companies.

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Investment Strategy

We engage in intentional fundraising to develop strategic sourcing partnerships.


The Triple Crown Investor Base is highly diverse, and we have set strategic investment targets around specific investor categories in an effort to build an effective direct sourcing model.

Underwriting & Leveraging

We have significant history in the institutional investment, corporate lending, compliance & risk management business including the direct operating management of small cap investment funds & numerous operating entities through multiple economic cycles.

Managing, Monitoring, & Exiting

Through active management and close monitoring, we strive to maximize distributions, property values and overall returns, and seek ultimate exit through a sale of assets, an IPO, or merger into a public REIT in order to achieve investor liquidity.